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For the warm wishes for my birthday!
All this persons below warm my heart:

Hope I didn't miss anybody! 

Time to set milestones for this new year:
1) become a better artist:
- improve in anathomy
- character interactions with each other
- drawing speed and technique
2) Keep more attention to my DA page
3) Draw more clean art (corresponds with how well I can handle 1)
4) draw more sexy/lewd art (again depends on 1)
5) start a patreon page so I can make a better living from art
6) get a cat
7) get a girlfriend (but we all know it'll be another cat instead. Some people are simply not born to have gfs)

Different things

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 19, 2014, 1:04 PM

Feb Update:
I'm going COMISSIONS. Wanna try it. 
So here are rules:
Note me if you want a picture from me. 
What I'm not going to draw:
Base price for fully colored picture is 70$ (can be discussed via notes)
I'm accepting PayPal
Ongoing commissions list:
  1. empty slot
  2. empty slot
  3. empty slot

Original post:

During the past year I was in the army, I've learned THREE important lessons:
    1) (oh my, just how frequently we hear this from everywhere and how little attention we give to it). Appreciate what you have. Even the tiniest things. From hot water to opportunity to casually walk in the shop. Army life is restricted in so many ways... yes, opportunity to visit the shop was like a christmas gift! Care for your friends and family. World isn't a very friendly place, so hold tightly with those people who cares about you and takes you as you are.

     2) BOOKS. BOOKS ARE FUN. I used to read alot, but after I got PC... I read only 4-5 books in past 5 years. Then I got in the army. I was lucky: both places where I served had a room with bookshelfs. And because there were no PC or cellphones (they were forbidden due to secrecy stuff), we (some of us) filled the rare free time or sleepless nights on "night watch" routine with reading. I was shocked how many good books one could find on one simple bookshelf! Classical world and russian literature, modern foreign classic, good old sci-fy (so love it!), so many wonders! Nobody called us as an egg-heads because of reading. BOOKS IS THE BEST. Even Rainbow Dash knows it.
      3) Ponies are cool. I dropped the series at the beginning of the third season. (and started to move to the dark part of brony fandom. Just look at my gallery!) I found Wedding and Crystall empire episodes to be poorly written and not funny. Then I was talking stupid things like: "the series went downhill, it's bad now" to my friends. I acted so foolish!  Obviously, I was fed up with ponies. I started to see flaws where there were none of them. I wanted to see them.
Year of no pony at all cured me!
I'm doing my own little mare-a-thon and just recently watched two-parters I mentioned. No sour feelings and thoughts. it's amazing. I probably watched them with my butt last time.  
While I'm still haven't watched the rest of the 3rd and whole 4th seasons, I probably the only person who is glad that 5th season starts to air only in 2015 giving me time to fill the gap :3

Speaking about dark parts of fandoms, I'm gonna clean my DA and I'll try to keep it as much SFW as possible. DA became fetishes archive this days. I don't want to be a part of this.

PS: Haha, this old journal skin has worm twilight! haha!  

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HI folks! Remember Me? I'm still in the army. 7 monthes went away and only 5 left till my return! While I have almost nointernet access or any pc access at all, I'm still practicing with pencil when I have free time.

keep waiting folks! Don't know about you but I'm waiting 23 of november more than anything in my life.

PS - obviously I can't do any commissions or art trades. Can't even read notes.
1 year in army starts now. AFK
So here I am. I knew this moment arrive one day.
I'm going in army. It's obligatory in here to server for 1 year.
Everything is signed and I'm leaving in 10 days. I'll finish another 1 or 3 pictures until then.

I hope you all understand. That's the reason why I haven't opened commissions as I promised in early autumn.
I don't want to have unfinished business. But I'm more than willing to make it next year!
To be fair, I didn't draw much this year either. It's all this winter and autumn works. well It's kinda pity that I must go and I just returned to drawing after another almost 1 year artblock.

In the remaining time, as it has been said, I'll finish some pictures, organize everything here so my page don't look like total mess while I'm not here.

I'm not quieting drawing. At least it's not what I want to do. 
So 2013 (or better to say - the year since my last birthday) was truly terrible year for whole my family and it messed up with my art activity too. I hope now the year has ended and black stripe turned white. I'm planning to draw more. Now I have to finish one commission and then I want to make commissions chart so I could be properly commissioned! Woo-hoo! Probably in September, so be tuned!

PS - thanks for all great birthday wishes!!! <3
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Oh looks like my DA page got screwed after my premium had expiered.
geeesh... sad thing I have almost no reason to check my page anyway since I'm in the middle of artistic nowhere. I knew that autum wasn't good time for drawing, but second half of this year looks like a total artblock.

I have a pretty buisy time now and have not much time to draw, and if I do they are only 3d works for a modification to an old game... because there;s a deadline too, like everywhere. Also my grandpa has serious health problem so I'm supper worried almost all the time...

This being multiplied on the usual autumn melancholy leads me where I am righ now.
Hoping to get back in business soon.

Now to fix my main page.
Ya! I want to thank all of you who congratulate me on mah birthday! :party:

Hope I didn't forget anybody! Yay! Thanks ya all!
I dont wanna see those teary journal from months back on my page anymore.
Nothing new. No anything. Almost not drawing digitally, mostly sketching on paper. Hope soon I'll back and upload something.

Otherwise it's absolutely pointless journal entry. :>

wow it has been just 3 weeks, not months.... yeah.
I can't draw freaking anything. I've killed so much hours staring on a white screen. I sketched but it was disaster. I haven't draw anything in last several months.

Fuck the drawing, I dont wanna mess with it anymore since it only leads to despair.
I can't imagine anything I'd like to work with. No imagenation. I can't even invent something for practiese.

I suspect that the reason is a inferiority complex that creats me a master idea - to make ideal picture. But anything I'm trying to do has it's flaws So I trash it. The worst thing - I don't know what is this ideal. I can't even improve in the right way. All I have Is one thought in head - "This is so bad because It can be much better"! And I don't know how to start to make it better and what the "better" is. So literally anything I'm doing is "bad" by defenition so I just give up.
Going on vacation tomorrow.
I hope changing place will help me to overstep this everlasting art block I'm in ^3
1) Took a month to draw anything I wanted but ponies
2) Stepped in an art-block at the same time


Also I've cleaned my message boxes. I've tried to reply on comments not older then 2 months from now... If you didn't get any reply on your comment then sorry me.
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Give me a break, ponies!

I know 80% of my watchers are here just for ponies, so in this journal I want to warn you that next month or two I'll be drawing anything but ponies.
I'm losing interest in ponies... because there's too much of them. We didn't have a 3 weeks break in TV broadcast like  we had last year. And that time was absolutely necessary to rewatch old episodes, to build up expectation for new ones... like it was enough time to calm down for a bit. Now with ponies every week without a break episodes merge in one blurry line in my eyes.  

And since there's no further gap in episodes airing, I'll make a break for myself by myself during which I'll draw a couple of sessy girls (anthro and human) and fanart on other things I like. So No ponies in my folder for further several weeks. Well except one single picture I own. And occasional ones if the inspiration will come. Otherwise, It'll be my pony-free time.

And I almost forgot to mention that my 2 pictures of humanized Pinkie Pie and Spitfire are featured in "My little sweetheart" artbook! By messages on my front page I see people like it :3
For those who are not aware, "MLS" is a printed pin-up artbook (Totally safe. No nudity or explicit content presented) collaboration of 25 artists with 50 pictures of human versions of MLP characters. All money goes to the charity.

I worked hard on my part of the collab. Spitfire one took almost 2 month!


You can read details here: mylittlesweetheartbook.blogspo…
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Can somepony explain me... Usually I have 150 page views average per day. But 13th of February my pageview counter displayed almost 600 views. Taking in account I didn't upload any picture that day... What was the reason of all this pageviews? :O_O:

Aslo as soon as I reached 666 hours of playing Team Fortress 2, my videocard had died. Again. But this time the Owen magic will not work so I must buy a new one. And just use my netbook for drawing like exactly 1 year ago, lol.

And It looks like I'm not going on summer bronycon. I get detailed information on prices on tickets and it appears to be higher than I expected. So the overall trip cost is over my psychological border now. I can find a better place for this money. I want Intuos 4 :3
See the result in my gallery :3
(I dunno how insert images in here)
As my poll shows there are not too much people with the same opinion as I hive. Most watchers consider the episode as mediocre, and some even (Gasp) think it's the best episode.

I have no grudge against little babies. That is not why I do not like the episode. But I hate the conception of "super-babies". And that was exactly what I saw during the episode.

The pegasus foal.  With accidental slap of a hoof he broke a metal water crane in half. Then in the age of 1 month he is already can fly (now look at poor Scootaloo. Even Fluttershy being much older had troubles with wings). And not only fly, but speed up carrying a weight of a mature pony! I could be Okay with it if he was Hercules, but obviously he is not. Overpowered beast.

The unicorn filly. Lifting whole bunch of stuff in the air, walking throw the walls, ripping apart huge metal chains. What the heck is it. As we could see in "Cutie mark Chronicles" unicorn's magic is something pony should learn with age. Beign much older, Twilight read books about it and develop her skills. Even lifting a sheet of paper was not an easy task. Later, the exam to enter elite school of princess Celestia herself. Hatching the egg was something not every young unicorn can do. Only because Twilight's secret talent was magic and sonic rainboom occurred at the very same moment she was able to hatch Spike.  Now look back at the unicorn filly (I'm not going to memorize their names). She can do more than several years old gifted unicorn could ever make! With no studying. With no effort. For her this kind of magic was not harder than spoiling the diaper.  It's like she's abusing Twilight: Look, you worked hard to become one of the most powerful wizards in equestria. And I can do anything without any effort! You suck!

And also half of the time the babies are normal - making bubbles and chewing curtains. But one second later they are already hiding, secretly laughing and doing other crap babies can't do because they are not smart enough at that age. It creeps me so much.

In conclusion the only Explanation I see is that this babies are Sayans from the planet Vegeta. They are here to destroy Equestra thus they must be EXTERMINATED :icondalekplz:

On the good side, Pinkie Pie is great like always. Her comedy performance, her songs, her anything. But the piggy song was originally recorded for the 1st season... so it's not the achievement of this episode. Yest I still love the songs. Only Pinkie helped me to survive it till the credits.
Because all cool kids do this.

I wanted to try it too. I'm not promising anything. Maybe I'll be fighting settings all the time, but I actually prefer to sketch little requests for a couple of hours.

Result of 1,5 hours of streaming:… (link on ponibooru)
The rest of the 2011 wasn't that wonderful for me. I had almost no time neither strength to visit DeviantArt. So at this point I have monstrous amount of unreplied messages.
And this calls for some extreme methods.

Sorry everybody who was waiting a reply. Now I'm gonna multiply everything by zero and begin with the new fresh page.
That will be much easier to me to track incoming messages.
Also I have alot of wips so soon there will be new pony submissions.

and Happy new year everybody! Let it not be the last one!

Now.... I must give llamas.
I also recieved my llama t-shirt order a week ago. woo-hoo :llama:
Because that magic ain't friendship. I was tweaking my netbook. I installed PM8 to work with the HDD, but I wasn't aware that the program conflicts with windows 7. As a result I lost a partition with over 50 GB of information (including ponies and my ancient drawings). Okay... I tried to recover it with some programs. As a result... I lost necessary  partitions of the HDD (something like the table of indexation of logic partitions). Considering my netbook has no DVD drive I can't even use restore function. Now the only way for me is a complete reinstalling of the system. With deleting ALL from HDD. Well, that's some important but not crucial files I'll lost. And Time. All I wanted was to tweak system for drawing tomorrow at my office.

Sorry people, especially :icondizzypacce: and :iconcaptainchomp: . It will take some time for art to be submitted here in the future.
Commissions status:
:iconrot123: - Done
:icondizzypacce: - In progress. Estimate Time - this weekend/Next week
:iconcaptainchomp: - not yet in progress

Next 3 slots will be opened as soon as I finished all this commissions.

Life status:
I got a full time job at my university. So now I officially earn moneyz. something like 180$ per month, but gladly it's not an Actual full time job. It requires day or two in a week from me. (And in other days I have lessons). But my dad just lost his job :C

Everything I can think about is tomorrow's exam. If I pass it it will be a huge brief. then maybe I'll do more normal ponies. :meow:
Hm... that's all for now. the purpose of this post to hide old journal with commissions rules since they are closed for now.
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